About the Jeunique Bra System Design

     Every woman from puberty throughout life should wear custom-fitted bras, not only to look and feel her best, but to enjoy better support through this vital step in proper breast care.

     The same engineering that holds up the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco was used to develop the Jeunique Bra in 1959. This bra is more popular today than ever before as women seek out a healthy alternative support to under wire, stretch straps and padded bras on the market today.

     85% of women are wearing the wrong bra. The bust must be supported from underneath, not suspended from the top by the shoulders and back. A poor fitting bra can impede both circulation and lymphatic drainage. It can also be the cause of back and neck pain, breathing problems and rashes. Jeunique bras are designed to position the breasts half-way between the shoulder and the elbow, which is what clothes designers intended. The bra provides ladies with a more feminine and flattering look while improving posture, thus creating a more confident and happy person.

     Jeunique bras are durable and well made. They last 3 to 4 times longer than any bra on the market today, when cared for properly. Switching to a Jeunique bra is like giving up a pair of floppy slippers for a proper fitting shoe. Once women try the bras, they become lifelong customers and often refer their friends.

     Jeunique bras are available in more than 200 sizes, and in 3 colours: beige, white and black. Other healthy styles are also available. This selection is especially appreciated by women who have trouble finding their size in conventional bras. Jeunique bras offer comfort and health to women in every age and stage of life, from teens to small and full figure women as well as maternity and mastectomy. Ladies who participate in sports or work out particularly enjoy the comfort and support of a Jeunique bra.

     The medical community has acknowledged the benefits of the Jeunique bras. Doctors, Chiropractors and Massage Therapists often refer their patients to Jeunique's independent representatives.

Wearing a Custom Fit Bra...

     The Jeunique bra is different from any bra you've ever worn before. Our patented design combines comfort, support and elegant styling to give you a garment that makes you feel better and look your best. The secret? It's the exclusive Banderin, a self type support design to encourage delicate bust tissue up and forward into the cup area, supporting and directing the bust tissue as nature intended. The bust must be supported from underneath the breast.... not suspended from the shoulders.

The Jeunique Bra does the two things we have always looked for in a bra:

     Because all Jeunique Distributors have undergone extensive training they are uniquely qualified to find the perfect fit for you. Our distributors are certified to fit women of all proportions, with bras raninging in sizes from 26A through 46KK. This personal consultation, measurement and fitting, coupled with the unique design of all undergarments makes Jeunique's field of expertise unmatched!

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