Who Should Wear a Custom-Fitted Bra?

     Breasts are not the same size even on the same woman. They vary in size due to heredity, diet, age and general state of health. Compressing breasts into bras of predetermined size and configuration only guarantees the fit will be poor at best, unless individually fitted on each woman. Hence the importance of custom-fitted bras.

The Small Figure
The appearance of the small figure is improved, as tissue is encouraged forward from under the arms and up from the chest area, thus becoming properly positioned. In many instances, this extra tissue can fit a larger cup and make a small figure look better.
The Medium Figure
Jeunique maintains the beauty of the average figure. Bust tissue is controlled and kept from dropping down or slipping back under the arm, thus maintaining a better figure and lovelier bust contour.
The Fuller Figure
Jeunique helps minimize the appearance of the fuller figure. The Banderin acts like a shelf, supporting the weight of the bust and giving immediate relief from the shoulder strap pressure and strain.
The Mother-To-Be-Figure
Jeunique assures gentle and firm support for the added fullness of the mother-to-be. Also an excellent nursing bra.
The Teenage Figure
The Jeunique bra gives support, direction and beauty to the your full figure. By properly positioning and supporting youthful tissue, it aids in development of a lower bust line.
The Mastectomy
Jeunique assures that the prosthesis can be worn with complete comfort and security because the Banderin never rides up and always stays in place, there by holding the prosthesis in place. You can bend, stretch, run and be completely active without fear or self-consciousness.
The Sports Minded
With motion comes the stretching of the delicate bust tissue. The Jeunique bra provides the perfect blend of support and comfort for all sports activities, no matter how intense (i.e. Dancers, horse riders, Army Personnel, hockey, rugby, football players, etc.)

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