The Health Benefits (What the Bra Does for You)

     According to experts women's breasts change sizes an average of five times over their life. That means that the bra size you wore when you are twenty now will no longer will fit you properly. And there is a good chance that the bra you are now wearing will no longer fit you in a few years time.

     Our custom-fitted bra is not an ordinary bra. It does not gouge, bruise or use wires, stays or pads to support the breast tissue. Skin, not muscle actually supports the breasts, and skin stretches with movement. Wearing a good support bra is essential to minimize this stretching.

     Pressure points are also a factor in the health of the breast. When a bra is worn for more than one day in a row, the bras' pressure points keep rubbing and irritating the same areas of the breast. To avoid this problem, ordinary bras should be alternated daily to prevent pressure against the same portion of the breast. Bra rotation is not necessary with our bras due to its design.

10 Reason Why You Need A Bra That Works With Your Body
  • Your bust has no muscle.
  • When gravity pulls your breast down, it also stretches your throat and face tissue.
  • Your breast depends on an outside source of support to keep its shape.
  • The shape of your breast is determined by the bras you wear.
  • Ordinary bras on the market today are only covers.
  • Your bust must be lifted to allow for proper circulation.
  • Without proper support, lymphatic drainage is impeded, which interferes with cellular health.
  • Breast disease is more likely when there is no circulation and lymphatic drainage.

     The breast is composed of adipose tissue (fat), glandular epithelium, blood vessels, lymph glands, supporting collagenous fibers, capillaries and the covering skin.

     Place a weight at the end of a rubber band. The once fat rubber band now becomes stretched and thin, as do the tiny ligaments and vessels of the breast with the weight of breast tissue. Without proper support one of the greatest laws of the Universe takes place...gravity. The delicate tissue begins to roll off the chest wall, over the pectoral muscle, and displaces itself under the arm and in the midriff area. A pendulous look begins to develop. This is not healthy as the proper blood flow to the breast area is now being blocked and the tissue under the arm is being bumped and battered with every move.

     The weight of the breast pulling on the neck can cause diminished blood flow to the head and headaches may occur. The effects of weight and gravity will also affect posture. The dolinger area of the back, just below the neck base, is now being put under undue stress. When you try to lift the weight of the breast off the rib cage by shortening your bra strap, you then either get the back of the bra riding up or painful grooves in the shoulder.

     If the breast is supported and the weight taken off of those ligaments, you may then see that the mass begins to adhere to the chest wall. In addition the tissue that has misplaced itself will get the proper blodd flow to rebuild.

The Nutritional Research Foundation Bulletin

     The Healthy Breast: The breast is composed of adipose tissue, glandular epithelium, ducts, blood vessels, collagen supporting fibers and the skin. These are all overlays upon the normal musculature of the chest wall. Exercise will tone up and increase the size of the musculature. The breast, however, on top of these muscles is as soft and pliable as any tissue in the entire human body. Poorly fitting bras displace this tissue, pushing it under the arm, directing it over the chest wall.

     Most women do not know how to properly take care of their breasts. They wear ill-fitting garments that give little or no support and redirect the breast tissue, impeding circulation and lymphatic drainage which interferes directly with cellular health. For the woman who values her beauty and health, she should regularly perform breast self-examination for the presence of lumps, swelling, heat and soreness. She should also make sure she wears a correctly fitted, properly supporting bra.

     In it's unprotected position, the breast is subjected to bumping and bruising by the arms. It is also subjected to stretch and movement due to the pull of gravity with every step, if not properly supported. It is subject to hormonal influences associated with pregnancy, lactation, and the menstrual cycle. Adding to this scenario, an ill-fitting bra as a constant irritant can cause problems.

Three Steps to Follow for Breast Care:
  1. Control weight. Avoid caffeine, dairy and yeast products. Drastically reduce dietary fats, particularly low density fats, but get adequate essential fats like cod liver oil. Keep the colon functioning well with a wide variety of fiber food (veggies). Limit your stress, take Vitamins C and E--Beta Carotene, a Balanced B Complex Formula and the minerals--Selenium and Chromium.
  2. Maintain an exercise program and strengthen pectoral muscles.
  3. Buy and wear proper custom-fitted bras that will reposition your breast tissue to its natural position and give you the support you need to comfortably keep your bustline in its proper place.
Features of an Excellent Supportive Bra: The Solution.....

     Our custom fitted bras are different from any bras you've ever worn before. Our patented designs combine comfort, support and elegant styling to give you a garment that makes you feel better and look your best while directing the bust tissue properly.

The secret?

     It's our exclusive Banderin... A shelf type support design to encourage delicate bust tissue up and forward into the cup area, supporting and directing the bust tissue as nature intended. The Banderin positions the bust tissue to properly allow circulation to take place. There the breast weight rests on the Banderin distributing the weigh evenly throughout the bra, relieving shoulder strap strain. It also helps by bring the breast tissue forward and up off the rib cage.

     The bust must be supported from underneath the breast...not suspended from the shoulders. When your bust is supported by your shoulders it causes pain and is harmful to your posture. It is never too late to correct your posture. Simply choosing the right undergarments will not only improve your posture, but it will improve your appearance, your health, and even your self-confidence!

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